Friday, July 2, 2010

Cookie #19 - Chocolate Mint

As much as I love chocolate with peanut butter or orange, I love it with mint even more.  I love the contrast of the cool mint with the creamy, rich chocolate.  Like the cookies before this, all I did is add something to the already awesome chocolate cookie dough.  This time:  starlight mints.  I pulsed about 3/4 cup of mints in the food processor before adding the dry ingredients and proceeding with the Chocolate Wafer Cookie recipe.  The mints melted in the oven, their flavor being absorbed into the cookie.  Once they cooled, the mints added a nice subtle crunch to the cookie.  I don't know if they'll make you feel like you're skiing the Swiss Alps, but they're still pretty darned good.

This post also ends the chocolate cookie run.  Tomorrow is my wonderful husband's birthday and Sunday is our neighborhood's annual 4th of July block party.  I've got a TON of baking to do in addition to the cookies.  It's gonna be a long weekend.....

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