Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A very fashionable cookie...

On our way home from vacation, my husband surprised me with a stop at Tyson's Corner in McLean, Virginia so I could visit the Vera Bradley store.  . 
By surprised, I mean I begged and pleaded and played the "but, it's my birthday week" card. 
C'mon know what I mean. 
You see, besides cookies, I have a deep rooted love for the quilted fabric handbags that come in a wide variety of bright colors.
When we arrived at the store, I was in heaven.  I've never seen so much paisley in one place. 
The store was having some Seventeen Magazine event with some stylist giving fashion tips, make-overs, give-aways, and, most important, cookies
Vera Bradley cookies. 
I snatched one up and gave it to my husband with strict instructions NOT to eat it. 
It was just too beautiful. 
This was over a week ago and the cookie is still sitting on my kitchen counter. 
I just can't bring myself to take a bite.

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